Understanding Car Leasing – 5 Facts You Need to Know

Leasing a car is like paying to rent it for a period anywhere from two to four, or sometimes, five years; you get to use it during that time, but you don’t own it at the end of the lease.

The main benefit to lease is that your car lease payments will be lower than the payments you would be making if you were to take out a loan to purchase that same vehicle. Leasing can seem very complex and confusing if it’s your first time, and all the paperwork the dealership will have for you to sign will not help to ease your anxiety, which is why it’s important to understand leasing before jumping into it.

1. One thing to consider is the length of the lease that will be appropriate for you. Car leases require you to make monthly payments for a specified amount of time, which can range anywhere from 24 months up to 60 months.

2. Another thing to consider when thinking about the length of lease that would be best for you is the number of kilometers you will be using. Most leasing companies offer low kilometer leases, standard kilometer leases and high kilometer leases. It is important to do some figuring and find out approximately how many kilometers you will need, because if you end up going over at the end most leasing companies charge anywhere from seven to ten cents per kilometer you go over on the agreement, which can get pricey very quickly.

3. In contrast, if you don’t calculate the number of kilometers you are going to be using, you could end up paying too much as your monthly payments will be lower with a low kilometer lease because the residual value at the end of the lease will be higher.

4. You will also want to think about how well you take care of your vehicles when considering leasing. Leasing companies understand that it’s normal for a vehicle to show some signs of wear and tear after being used for a few years, but only some not exceeding $1000 or $1500 worth of minor repairs. You are expected to keep the car in good condition, meaning you can’t return it with a fender missing and expect to not have to pay for it.

5. You will also want to be clear about your options at the end of the lease. In many cases, you will be told the amount it will cost you to buyout the vehicle at the end of the lease. You will also have the option to simply walk away, or to step up to a new vehicle.

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Equipment Leasing Business

The number of aspirants who dream of building their business empires is more now than ever, and rising. However, lack of ample capital is the major hurdle. The equipment leasing business provides a helping hand to such people and those wishing to develop their existing business. The equipment leasing business is a booming field with great prospects.

Equipment leasing business is involved in buying equipments from established manufacturers and other reliable sources and leasing them to customers in need, charging a fixed monthly fee during the period of lease.

Leasing deals with all major business fields ranging from hospitals and hotels to laboratories and other small businesses. By opting for equipment leasing business, you are not required to spend any amount as down payment while buying the equipment.

The various benefits a business can enjoy by opting for equipment leasing include

o Capital conservation – It is always better for one to lease equipment than buying it because of the risk of depreciation.
o Conservation of credit lines – Your purchasing capacity is not affected as there is no initial cost upfront.
o Fixed rate lease payment.
o Deduction of tax – Lease payments don’t qualify to be taxed.
o Easy financing of leased equipment.
o Easy updating from obsolete equipment.
o Effective management of your increased business cash flow and no more budget limitations.

As the equipments are leased the burden of maintenance and proper functioning of the equipment is relieved from the shoulders of the business owner, as equipment servicing is also taken care of by the lease firms. Equipment leasing business also helps the client’s firm to be equipped with up-to-date equipments which is an important factor for the growth of business. Most equipment leasing firms also provide their clients the opportunity for buying the equipment at the completion of the lease period.

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Commercial Real Estate Agents – How to Employ a Retail Leasing Expert

In commercial and retail real estate today, it is always difficult to find a true retail leasing expert. Retail leasing is significantly different to office leasing and industrial leasing.

Leasing experts in retail property need to be well qualified in understanding tenant requirements, rental strategies, and leasing opportunities. Every shopping centre landlord that we serve will have a different set of requirements when it comes to leasing and property performance.

Knowledge and Planning

The retail leasing expert has to bring significant knowledge to the role and the clients that they serve. Retail property and shopping centres have their own cycle of tenant growth, tenant mix strategy, and rental activity.

For the shopping centre to be successful, the balance between the shopper, tenant, the landlord, and the property has to be well proportioned and planned. Each of these four elements needs to be integrated into the requirements of the other three.

Question the Candidate

In running your commercial or retail property agency, the search for a retail leasing expert to join your team should involve a number of investigations and questions. Here are some ideas to help the process.

The candidate should show significant experience with retail property in other locations. That experience should include both standalone retail, and shopping centres. In saying that, it should also be recognized that there are different levels of experience in shopping centre activity and size. The candidate should be considered based on the level of experience and exposure to the right types of shopping centres in your local area.

Ask questions regard rental strategies that can apply in various leasing situations. Have the person explain to you the differences between gross and net rental as they can apply with different types of retail tenants.

Most retail leasing situations will involve complex lease negotiations and some form of lease incentive. Ask questions regard the different types of incentives that are available in retail shop leasing and how the candidate has used each of them in the past.

Leasing a retail shop in a shopping centre is something that has to be balanced into the tenancy mix and the particular property. Ask the candidate to provide information on how they would look at the tenancy mix and the overall shopping centre so that they can select the right type of specialist tenant to fill the vacancy.

When it comes to leasing a Retail Property, franchise groups are a significant part of the tenant mix and the tenancy structure. Ask the job candidate provide you with strategies of contact when it comes to the existing franchise groups that may be interested in leasing any shop and a shopping centre.

You cannot be a good leasing expert without a comprehensive knowledge of the mechanism that relates to retail lease structure and lease interpretation. Put a lease document in front of the candidate for the job, and ask them to tell you and show you how they would interpret the document.

When it comes to finding tenants for any vacant tenancy today, the retail leasing expert will need to have strong and stable relationships with the small business retail community. Ask questions and seek proof to ensure that the retail relationships exist. The leasing expert should have a significant database of established retail contacts and franchise groups.

When you ask the right questions at the time of the job interview, you will find and identify the strengths and weaknesses that apply to each person seeking the role. Make no mistake; retail leasing is quite a specialist process that requires the right person with the right experience. Don’t waste your time employing the wrong person. Make the right choice.

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